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How to choose the best drink from chicory - Moscow 24

Experts Cyril and Andrei Eichfus shared the secret


The engines of the economy. Anton Borisov Special Report - Russia 24

How are aircraft engines and cars assembled and tested? Why reanimate an old stove? And what Russian goods will please any Finn? All answers are in a special report by Anton Borisov on the development of the Yaroslavl region.


Putin’s meeting with public representatives of the Yaroslavl region

During a working trip to Yaroslavl, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with representatives of the region’s public. The conversation took place on board the ship "Russia".



Instant chicory. Test purchase.

Цикорий напоминает растворимый кофе не только по вкусу и внешнему виду, но и по способу изготовления: его обжаривают и перемалывают. В процессе обжарки количество фруктозы увеличивается с 2 до 20%, а свойственная свежему цикорию горечь пропадает. Чем светлее цикорий, тем больше в нем витаминов. Согласно ГОСТу, в 100 г цикория должно содержаться не менее 30 г инулина — полезного пищевого волокна. В соревновании за звание лучшего продукта принял участие цикорий растворимый торговых марок «Coffitel», «MacFito», «Elite Health Line», «Здоровье», «Здравник» и «Русский цикорий».
Chicory resembles instant coffee not only in taste and appearance, but also in the manufacturing method: it is roasted and ground. During frying, the amount of fructose increases from 2 to 20%, and the bitterness characteristic of fresh chicory disappears. The lighter the chicory, the more vitamins in it. According to GOST national standard, 100 g of chicory should contain at least 30 g of inulin - a useful dietary fiber. In the competition for the title of the best product, instant chicory of the trademarks "Coffitel", "MacFito", "Elite Health Line", "Zdorovye", "Zdravnik", and "Russian Chicory" took part.


How to distinguish fake chicory.

In recent years, more and more counterfeit products have appeared on store shelves. Thanks to its beneficial qualities, chicory is no exception. You can determine whether it is fake in front of you, even at home, by conducting an iodine-starch test.


Life is great! Chicory. Drink for health!

Chicory is a plant from the dried root of which a drink is prepared that tastes like coffee. In the next issue of the “About Food”, experts will figure out what nutrients are found in chicory, and how a chicory drink helps prevent the development of atherosclerosis and the formation of blood clots.


Food. Dead and alive. 
Issue on the benefits of chicory. Program filmed at "Aronap" factory. 

Chicory was once a cheap substitute for coffee in short supply, and in recent years it has become a fashionable product for a healthy diet. Many people believe that caffeine from real tea and coffee is harmful, and therefore they switch to something similar in color and taste, but not to excite the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Is it correct?



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